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The happy runners

It’s been quite a while since my last blog but today I ran with a friend and we had a great conversation about how important running is to us, about positivity and about how lucky we are to be able to do what we do.

Self confidence has lacked throughout my entire life and it’s something that i have always tried to keep to myself in fear of what others thought but the fact is, these thoughts are a vicious circle and the only way to get out that circle is to break free and don’t look back. I am now, in my thirties, only starting to understand that i am not alone on this.A problem shared is a problem halved.

I seriously believe that through running, being in the outdoors and challenging ourselves we can change our mindset to let us see clearly what we are capable of instead of seeing ourselves in such a destructive way.

I can honestly say that finding my soul in the mountains and spending all my spare time either running or walking in these wonderful places, is gradually making me a happier and more confident version of myself.

Being able to share these positive experiences with others and seeing other people challenge themselves is extremely motivational and important to me.

In a world which is full of clutter and with endless pressures of having to fit in and look a certain way in society( especially our younger generation) i think it’s important to strip everything back, be who you want to be, immerse yourself in nature, the outdoors and push yourself to do things that frighten you but excite you at the same time.

The journey to a happier you starts right now so go for that run or adventure in the mountains and feel alive and fantastic!

“Time is not money, it’s something far more important”