Trail running team 2014

With only a month to go until I meet up with fellow TeamTrail2014┬áfolks and fly off to Chamonix, I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing over the past few weeks.

I have just entered the Glen Coe mountain marathon in October, which is one of my major goals for this year.

This is a fairly new event set in the Scottish highlands and takes in some of the most amazing scenery the country has to offer.

With the race being the full 26.2 miles and with 1608m of ascent, I’ve been having a look at a plan for my training and studying local routes where I can incorporate a similar effort.

At the moment I am building up the distance on my long hilly run(s) and continuing with speed work, tempo and easy sessions throughout the week.

If I find that I have the energy on a rest day( And with a little help from Torq nutrition) I’ve been going a long cycle which is nice for a change and it seems to be helping with muscle soreness too.

Arran has miles and miles of forestry trails as well as long glens and steep ridges.

Over the next few months I have plans of completing some big local mountain routes as well as continuing to train on forestry trails.

I’m looking forward to sharing my new routes!



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Trail Team 2014

Well, after a week or so of not quite believing it I have now reached the stage of absolute elation after being told I have been chosen to be part of

At the end of June the six of us will be heading to Chamonix where we will be given training like an elite athlete in some of the most stunning surroundings on earth.

Philippe Gatta his wife Anna will be meeting up with us to inspire us further and we will be testing out all the best gear from


Really excited to have been given this opportunity and looking forward to the up and coming year as a member of Trail team 2014.

The Trail running team 2014

I was one of the Lucky 100 runners chosen by http://www.trailrunningteam.comto take part in an amazing weekend of trail running under the stunning setting of Helvellyn in the Lake District.

The weekend was incredible, with inspiring talks from Steve Birkinshaw and Helene Whitaker! I was even lucky enough to force myself out a third run of the day on Saturday which I spent running with Helene and another lucky trail runner James.
Helene is a truly amazing person in everything she has achieved and I’m so honoured to have met her and shared that run!
Steve is another amazing runner and has also achieved incredible things!
We all listened in awe as he told us about his up coming challenge of running all the Wainwrights in one go, hoping to also break the record
Helene and Steve are both athletes for Berghaus who also gave us a talk on what they do and how they design and produce products to best help their athletes and athletes alike.
The super light weight range they have is great for packing light and I’m definitely going to invest in one of their Vapour storm jackets (the lightest waterproof on the market) and their VapourLight HyperTherm reversible jacket which keeps you cosy one way and cool the other.

Torq fitness also gave us a very interesting and educational talk on the importance of nutrition and how their products work to help with endurance and getting the correct amount of carbohydrate intake every hour (90g).
Their three products combined- gel, sports drink and bar gives you the perfect 90g of carbs and the fructose added in their products allows for the quicker absorption of carbs into your system.
We also had a free taster of products and I can tell you they are delicious!( esp the raspberry ripple )
All of their products have natural ingredients too which I really like!

We also had a look at LEDLenser products which allow for better vision on those night time runs

All very interesting and informative!

A superb weekend organised by the team at
Staying at the beautiful, home away from home, Helvellyn youth hostel.

I left the weekend feeling on top of the world after meeting some amazing fellow runners, sharing our passions, achievements, future plans and just the general joy of what we all love to do!

Here’s a few pictures from that incredible weekend!

p>Below Helvellyn with fellow runners from the Trail Team Lake District weekend

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