Month: August 2014

Gear review – Berghaus Vapour storm and HyperTherm

Over the past month I’ve been putting my Berghaus vapour storm and HyperTherm jackets to the test.

The temperature in Scotland seems to have plummeted over the past few weeks and I have had the opportunity to really see how the Vapour light HyperTherm jacket does in these conditions.

The weather has also been fairly unsettled with lots of rain and wind so I have been using my Vapour storm jacket to shield me from the elements and keep me dry.

I’m finding the two jackets to be a great edition to my mountain/trail running kit and both items have been proving very handy and efficient.

The vapour storm jacket is nice and light and doesn’t allow in any drafts due to its contoured fit.
The fish scale type vents at the front of the jacket are water tight for the conditions I’ve experienced so far and seem to help aid breathability.
I also really like the thumb loops at the cuffs which keep the jacket in place keeping your arms and hands cosy.
There’s enough room in the sleeves to roll them up if the weather is showery but warm and you require a wee bit of air around your arms.
I’ve also had comments about how bright & colourful the vapour storm is on the hill which is great as I’m sure if I ever needed rescued (god forbid) I’d be easily spotted.

My Vapour light HyperTherm is a very handy layer.
I have not been using it so much for the wet days yet as it’s still quite mild outside to wear under my vapour storm but I have certainly been waring it on my evening runs home from work when it’s dry but cool.
I’ve also been finding it very useful to pop on after a run to warm me up a bit.

Both the Vapour storm and HyperTherm jackets are ideal items to have in a trail runners back pack.
The HyperTherm is a very light and versatile extra layer and the vapour storm jacket, a reliable, outer shell protection against the elements which us runners need when we’re out running in the mountains. 20140824-180237-64957347.jpg

20140824-180236-64956839.jpg 20140824-180237-64957216.jpg

Where do I get my motivation?

This is a question I get asked quite a lot. I’m the same as everyone else!
It’s a miserable day outside..I’ve been working 12 hour shifts all week..I’m tired..I feel selfish leaving the family..

All these thoughts go through my head the same as everyone else and sometimes, like over the past few weeks for me, these things do effect my everyday running but the only way to get through it and back on track is not to let these things take over your mind in a long lasting way.

As I look at my runkeeper/strava feed from the past couple of weeks, I feel disappointed in myself that after all my regular training, building up my leg strength and milage that I have let it slip a bit.
More important things in life take over sometimes but it’s how you pick things up again and keep going.

I have set myself a goal, a challenge that I will run and complete a mountain marathon on the 4th of October this year. This is my main motivation.

When I’m feeling like I need a bit of a lift I go and find inspiring people who share my passion in life and I get so inspired reading what they’ve done that it’s like an injection of adrenaline and I want to just run out my front door and challenge myself to do something great!
This is a great blog for inspiration – Challenge Sophie

I try really hard not to allow myself to get engulfed in negative thoughts when I can’t get out, it’s a downward spiral.
If you can’t stick to an exact training programme due to work etc, you just need to keep going the best you can, even if it’s just something small each day.

I have exactly seven weeks until my mountain marathon and this week I have been looking at what I can do next.

Life is too short to spend time dwelling on what you haven’t done, just get outside and get on with it the best you can!(that’s my daily kick in the butt)

“Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.”

– Sarah Condor