A jaunt up Arran’s highest

This week I’ve been mainly taking to the forestry trails and fitting in a few after work runs along the village of Lamlash.

I’ve been wearing my lovely new kit from Berghaus and using my Torq fitness products to fuel me over the longer runs.

As I had a day off work today I thought I’d head out on some more technical terrain with my new Vapour light claws.

I’ve covered 30 miles in them so far this week and am impressed at how light they are compared with my Salomon’s.
They seemed to be quite wide on my feet to begin with but after a few miles of running in them my feet felt very comfy and light and I’m now enjoying the fit of them.

I also had my new Hyper 22 pack out with me over the week too which I’m finding really comfortable especially today when I was carrying all my extra hill kit.

I set off with my faithful furry friend Cassie this morning and took to Arran’s highest mountain to give my shoes a good test on more technical ground and enjoy the challenge of the mountain.

This was my first time up here since the Goat fell race a month ago so it was nice not to be racing and test out some nice new gear.

The shoes did good and so did the new pack!

20140626-182426-66266315.jpg 20140626-182428-66268013.jpg 20140626-182428-66268452.jpg 20140626-182427-66267418.jpg 20140626-182426-66266887.jpg

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